Guided surgery and microsurgery allow Dr. Boynton to predictably deliver teeth in a day to patients. An implant can be placed and fit with a temporary crown the same day as the failing natural tooth is extracted. Patients who have no teeth, or a full mouth of failing teeth, are able to go home the same day with prosthetic teeth.
Eligible patients have an adequate amount of existing hard and soft tissues as well as an acceptable bite. The initial prosthetic teeth are only temporary and must be replaced after the implants have biologically integrated with the jawbone. Patients must also be compliant with postoperative instructions and maintenance visits.

SMILE (simplified micro-surgical implant lifelike aesthetics) technique –
Focuses on the immediate micro-surgical replacement and provisionalization of a single esthetically important maxillary anterior tooth. It offers an opportunity for implant therapy that can enhance the esthetic results. Its benefits include rapid healing, minimal discomfort, and improved patient acceptance. Clin Adv Periodontics 2011;1:161-172.

This is a procedure that I am excited to have brought into my practice. The outcome of the papillae have been outstanding with this technique. Also, patients have been very happy to come in for an extraction and be able to leave with a temporary crown on their new implant.

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