What is Microsurgery?

Periodontal microsurgery takes advantage of the increased visual acuity gained with a surgical microscope.

Performing surgery through the magnification of the microscope allows Dr. Boynton to minimize surgical trauma and optimize surgical outcomes.



What is Endoscopy?

The Periodontal endoscope allows Dr. Boynton to see into the depths of the gingival sulcus to determine the actual results of scaling and root planing, as well as visualize to perform a range of sub-gingival diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.

Real-time visualization using the 24x to 48x magnification of the micro-endoscope allows clinicians to see even the smallest deposits of residual tartar, along with furcations and root anatomy, soft tissue inflammation, root fractures, sub-gingival decay, open crown margins, and more.

“The dental endoscope gives the clinician direct, real-time visualization and 24-48x magnification of the subgingival root surface, aiding in the location of deposits on the tooth root. The endoscope also aids in the identification and location of subgingival caries, root fractures, post perforations, and the like.” J Periodontol 2002;73:374-382.
The need for surgery is much less likely after a thorough root debridement using the endoscope’s 24-48x magnification of the etiology and its removal.

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