What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are a means of replacing teeth that have been lost to trauma and disease as well as congenitally missing teeth. The implant functions as a prosthetic root, and as such, becomes an integrated part of your periodontal tissues.

For this reason, Dr. Boynton’s excellence and training in periodontics makes him the ideal dental surgeon to place and maintain the health of your dental implants.


What Is Computer Guided Implant Surgery?

Dr. Boynton improves the safety, accuracy, and predictability of implant placement with computer-guided surgery. Every surgical case starts by obtaining a cone beam computer tomography (CBCT) image of the site to receive the implant. This is a 3-dimensional image of the implant site that allows visualization of the bone and vital anatomical structures.

Dr. Boynton then performs the surgery virtually. This information can then be used to generate a surgical guide, which is used during the actual surgery to accurately place the implant.



What About Teeth in a Day?

Guided surgery and microsurgery allow Dr. Boynton to predictably deliver teeth in a day to patients.  An implant can be placed and fit with a temporary crown the same day as the failing natural tooth is extracted.  Patients who have no teeth, or a full mouth of failing teeth, are able to go home the same day with prosthetic teeth.

Eligible patients have an adequate amount of existing hard and soft tissues as well as an acceptable bite.  The initial prosthetic teeth are only temporary and must be replaced after the implants have biologically integrated with the jawbone.  Patients must also be compliant with postoperative instructions and maintenance visits.



Case Study

All cases presented on BoulderPerio.com were performed by Dr. Jonathan Boynton.

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